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Your book’s ISBN is its unique fingerprint

No other published work can have your ISBN – it belongs solely to your book. This number registers your book with the global ISBN registery and allows publishers, booksellers, libraries and other participants in the supply chain to easily identify and order your book.

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A comprehensive solution for authors and publishers looking to self-publish their books. We provide ISBN service all in one simple pricing. Our team of experts will handle the entire ISBN assignment process, ensuring that your book is properly classified and listed with major retailers under our publishing name that you can trust.

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Your ISBN is unique to your book and format. Supported on All publishing platforms.

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We provide you a barcode with the ISBN you purchase from us in PNG file format.

Copyright Page Template

We help you set up a copyright page in your book to avoid any ownership issue.

Indexed to Global ISBN Database

Your book metadata will get indexed in the global ISBN database and better visibility.

What is an ISBN, and How Does it work?

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique 13-digit code assigned to books, book-like products, and other publications to help identify them and facilitate sales. Publishers purchase ISBNs from an ISBN agency, and each number is registered with the publisher and product title, edition, and format.


Here are frequently asked questions about ISBN. If your questions is not answered here. Please get in touch with us.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and is a unique identifier assigned to books. It is used to identify and track books in the book industry and is required by most retailers in order to list and sell your book.

ISBN number is essential if you are publishing any kinds of print book or magazine. For ebook publishing is optional only if you are publishing your ebook on one marketplace. You need to have ISBN for ebook publishing too if you want to publish on multiple marketplace such as Amazon Kindle and Google Play Store.

ISBN it ensures that your book is properly classified and listed with major retailers, making it easier for readers to find and purchase it. Also, having an ISBN makes your book more professional and marketable, as it is a unique and valid identifier recognized by the book industry. Additionally, having an ISBN also allows you to track your book’s sales and royalties, and gives you more control over its distribution and promotion.

You can obtain an ISBN through an official ISBN agency or ISBN and publishing agency, such as our company. We will handle the entire ISBN registration process for you, including obtaining the ISBN for your book, and providing you with the necessary information to include in your book.

No, you will need a separate ISBN for each format of your book. This includes hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook.


No, Once you publish your book using an ISBN, that ISBN can’t be reused or expire. It is permanent.

The cost of an ISBN varies depending on the number of ISBNs you need. We offer flexible package options to suit your needs. Please have a look at our pricing page for more info.

The ISBN assigment process typically takes up to 24 hours, but during weekend and holiday might take longer.

Yes, we offer a variety of additional services, including book formatting, cover design, and distribution services. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your book is properly formatted and has an eye-catching cover that will help it stand out in the market. Please contact us for additional services.

While some self-publishing platforms may offer free ISBNs, purchasing an ISBN through an ISBN agency or book publishing company like us provides several benefits. You will get a unique and valid identifier for your book, which is recognized by retailers and industry standards. Moreover, free ISBNs come with usage restrictions and fixed imprint name.

An imprint name is the name of the publisher or the specific division of a publisher that is responsible for publishing a specific book. It is used in conjunction with an ISBN to identify and track a book in the book industry.

Yes, you can use your own name as the imprint name if you are self-publishing your book. We recommend using a unique imprint name or publishing name, it could be anything. Just make sure your imprint name is unique to avoid confusion and ownership issue. Your imprint name doesn’t need to be a registered company.

Yes, you can use the same imprint name for multiple books, as long as they are all published by the same publisher or division of a publisher. Make sure your imprint name is unique to avoid confusion.

New authors and self publisher find it difficult to obtain ISBNs, especially in India. You can obtain ISBNs from RRRNA (Official ISBN Agency) in India as a registered company and an individual author. The process of obtaining an ISBN in India takes minimum 2 weeks. First time ISBN application takes up to a month. But we can register ISBN for your book within 24 hours without any ID proof and local address requirement as we obtain ISBN from official ISBN agency in the US under our imprint name.

Yes, ISBN is a unique international number for a book. You can use an ISBN obtained from ISBN Publishing to publish your book worldwide or in any specific country, even if you are located outside of India.

We are not an ISBN agency, and we don’t issue ISBN. We are an book publishing company that offer service to authors who want to self publish their book, we assign ISBN to your book title under our publishing (imprint) name. We obtain ISBN from official ISBN agency in the US as our comapny is registred in the USA. You can obtain ISBNs from us at a low cost, within 24 hours and without providing your full address and ID proof as we are book publishing company not ISBN agency.

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The easy to navigate website and the process of purchasing an ISBN was straightforward. The customer service team was responsive to any questions I had. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend to anyone in need of an ISBN for their book.

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